Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fresh Salsa

Brrr. I'm a little chilly here on this Saturday morning. It's early still and I feel rested after a night of not going out with the girls. I want to go check out the market again this morning so I'll head down there shortly and see what kind of things I get my hands on today. I managed to eat everything I bought there from last Saturday, except some yellow beans and I haven't touched the eggs that I bought. Last night I knew I needed to eat an avocado that was very soft, and two ears of corn that were also in a desperate state. I thought about how the two could go together and decided on homemade corn and black bean salsa.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Quinoa Experiment

Here is the truth: I haven't been cooking this week.

I have been eating, that's for sure, but I haven't been doing much cooking. For a couple of nights I had leftovers, yesterday I went for great pizza at Morris East, and on Tuesday I had beer with my friend Kelly....followed by a quick stir fry of simple veggies because I was too lazy to make tofu and rice.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Market day and Autumn Medley

Well it's official; the Fall season is upon us. What a wonderful weekend I just had- full of good times, new friends, fresh food and beautiful weather. (And in more detail-a date, the Farmers Market, a jog, cooked dinner for a friend, drinks at my place, met wonderful inspiring people, breakfast out, beach walking, surfer watching, and a great Fall-style dinner at a neighbour's place with my parents.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Foods- Beets!

It's funny- there are so many things that I can remember not liking as a child. I don't remember when I grew out of my dislikes but at this point in my life, as far as vegetarian foods go, I'll eat almost anything (except cooked carrots, but no one is expected to like those). A few loves of mine now, such as cilantro, beans, blueberries or squash were once kept far away from my plate or passed along to a willing sibling. One of the few consistencies of my dislikes throughout the years is a dish that has been a family classic, enjoyed by all at Polish Christmas gatherings: Borscht. This sweet, clear beet soup with a dollop of sour cream and a small dumpling, made from scratch almost every year has kept me away from beets...until this previous Sunday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Tofu Veggie Stir-Fry

Is it weird that I'm regretting my choice of a smoothie and cereal for breakfast and instead wishing I had my leftovers from last night's dinner? There is something about rice with soy and hot sauce that really does it for me. During my time teaching English in Korea the kids would always answer that rice was their favourite food. I had never understood it until I got out of my own kitchen and started travelling through Asia and eating street food for breakfast.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

And So It Begins...

Good evening! I woke up this morning thinking about how I'll go about this blog- What will I concentrate on? What will I share? And how often should I try to post? Doing anything for the first time usually keeps the mind active on that subject for a while. The key is keeping the momentum going. So for now, I've decided to not think, and just DO.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My First Time

Hello everyone!

It's Friday night and I'm taking some time now to create my very own, first ever, vegetarian cooking blog. I have a feeling this blog might also share with you the excitement (see: struggle) of cooking for one (see: single), not to mention my limited kitchen space and cookware.

However, cooking for one has its bonuses. 1) If something goes terribly wrong with my cooking I'm the only one who will suffer through the meal...and I always do get through it. 2) If I don't feel like cooking I can go to my old standby of rice and egg with hot sauce, or PB and J on Ezekiel toast. And 3) Cooking only one large meal leaves me with at least 2 more days worth of food that I can pack for lunch the next day or eat on a busy (see: uninspired) evening.

I do hope to inspire you with some new recipes, healthy lifestyle suggestions and tidbits of information and suggestions on how to eat for your needs, whether it be for health, time and convenience, feeding the offspring or simply satisfying your taste buds.

Please keep in touch and welcome to My Little Vegetarian Kitchen.